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Taking Time-Lapse Videos

Starting with LE Cam Pro 2.0, you can use it to take awesome Time-Lapse shots.

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LE Cam - The Long-Exposure Camera! Take Long-Exposured Nigh-Shots directly with your Smartphone - in high resolution!

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Have you ever wondered how to get nice Night-Shots? With Long-Time Exposure-Photography, you'll get them!
This app takes several, long-exposured images and calculates them together. It generates a final image which has a lot more light then an usual image. With a special algorithm, it will try to reduce shaking of the image.

Supported Exposure Modes


This mode tries to get more light into very dark areas while preventing highlights from "burning out"


Use this mode to do a real long-time exposure. All captured lights will be linear added together. Bright areas may won't have any information in this mode.


This mode is perfect when you want to make use of long-time exposure at daytime. It just takes areas which are bright, and you can use it to make moving objects look like "lines". When you do this with a DSLR-Camera, you normally would use a ND-Filter for this effect.


Supported Flash Modes


In this mode, the flash won't fire at any time

1st curtain sync

The flash will fire once at the beginning of the exposure

2st curtain sync

The flash will fire at the very end of the exposure. Use this mode to make moving objects actually look like they're moving in the right direction.

Central curtain sync

The flash will fire when half of the exposure is done


The flash will fire for each frame that is taken while the exposure is running



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