Taking Time Lapse Shots - LE Cam

Take time lapse shots

To take Time Lapse shots, you will need

  • LE Cam Pro 2.0 or later
  • A desktop video-application (e.g. Adobe Premiere)

Setting up LE Cam for the shot

  1. Go to the settings
  2. Choose any mode (you won't need the final image)
  3. Set the Delay-Time to what you need for your time lapse (1-5 seconds should be a good value in most cases)
  4. Check "Save Original Files"
  5. Uncheck "Auto Align Images"
  6. Choose Brightness Mode to match the best result (check your preview). For Night-Timelapse, choose  "Bright"
  7. We recommend to disable the Flash
  8. Press okay to close the settings
  9. Choose from the Exposure-Time Menu "Infinite" to stop shooting manually
  10. Start Capture
Important: Altough LE Cam will continue shooting when you turn off the display, some devices may enter a sleep mode and will produce no more (useable) images. We recommend to let the display on and connect a charger.
Please make sure to have enough free-space for all the captured images!

Generating a time-lapse video

Go to your device's sdcard and switch to "DCIM/LE Cam".

You'll find a folder original_x (where x is a number of the shot). Copy all the files of that folder to your pc.

After that, open a video-tool and import all the images into your video-program and add them to a video-sequence. Set every image's display time to about 1/24 of a second (or maybe longer or shorter depending on the speed you want to have).

Finally, you can save the result as a video.

Note: Since LE Cam will capture images in full-resolution, you can make the video-resolution as high as the devices-camera resolution and create up to 4k video footage!

Sample Result

Technical Details

Capturing Device Asus Transformer Prime
LE Cam LE Cam Pro 2.0
Delay-Time 3 Seconds
Brightness Mode Dark
Number of Frames ~ 840
Processing Adobe Premiere

Content Copyright Torsten Simon - 2017